take two

Almost four years ago I started a blog, back when it was the new thing and everyone you knew suddenly had one.  How exciting!  I would spend hours composing entries full of well-written, elaborate prose.  Well, as time wore on I realized it was a pretty self-absorbed and time-consuming process.  More importantly, I realized, shit, I should be spending my time being a musician, not a writer!  My blog eventually devolved into nothing but posts of youtube videos I thought were cool.

So now, here I am again.  No more long, meandering posts, and no more youtube links.  OK, I might have to break that second promise once in a while.  This is all gonna be about my journey as a professional musician which began last August when I quit my day job to—quite literally—go for broke.

While eating dinner tonight I turned on the TV and caught the tail end of a really fascinating and moving documentary about this bird loving dude in San Francisco.  He was a homeless street musician for a while, but after he started taking care of a flock of tropical parrots that showed up on Telagraph Hill, his life went on a whole other trip.  The best part was when he said that he wanted a career as a musician, but now that he started writing about his bird experiences, he’s finally found a way to support himself.  Get that?  Being a crazy bird guy is a more profitable career than being a musician!!!

On a related note, I’ve noticed a flock of tropical birds in my neighborhood.  Hmmm…

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