mastering done + new song!

After making a few minor tweaks to the mixes, I brought them back to Kelly on Tuesday and finalized the mastering. The new professionally mastered versions are now up on the myspace page for your listening pleasure–although you might not hear much of a difference since the myspace player uses such a low-quality mp3 stream. But trust me, it sounds awesome.

Oh, and I uploaded a previously un-uploaded song that is on the album. It’s called City Cell. Does the title refer to the modern urban condition as an analogy to an endlessly bleak landscape of cement cellblocks? Or does it refer to each individuals life as but one cellular unit in a larger network of the living, breathing, thriving organism that is our community? I dunno, it’s your call.

Brent is hard at work on the artwork, and so far it looks face-meltingly sick. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do next. I’m thinking concentrating on digital distrubution (with art included, of course), and maybe making a small run of physical CDs to use as promotion and for those who are old-school (like me). I want to shop around my album to some independent lablels (hey, it’s worth a shot at least). So far I can think of Plug Research, Ninja Tune, Alpha Pup, and Ubiquity. Any suggestions?

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