down, down, down, red knight going down!

The other day my friend Renato emailed me this video featuring emcees who go by the monikers Prime Directive and Galaxy Class. I must admit, the video is quite impressive, with clips that must have been the result of sifting through countless hours of Star Trek: the Next Generation episodes, and even two Star Trek shorties (obviously their girlfriends cause who else is going to do this). I had a few LOLs, no doubt. But it only reminded me of the fact that years ago (the summer of 2000, to be exact) my best friend David Vaknin and I produced what has to be the definitive Star Trek rap. And this ain’t no “nerd core” soft shit neither. This is on some straight up from the streets of the Yay Area, battle-to-the-death tip. That’s right, we went hyphy before there was hyphy and we did in outer space!

What this song essentially is, is a battle rap between Captain Kirk and 1st Officer Spock. Only instead of battling to the death on the planet Vulcan (like that famous episode), they’re in some weird Medieval Times universe, a la one of the best scenes in the brilliant comedy The Cable Guy. The intro to this song is probably one of the funniest parodies of bad sci-fi I’ve ever heard, and Dave wrote the whole damn thing on a scrap of paper in like 15 minutes and then recorded it in one take. I don’t think he really even knew that much about Star Trek either (which probably made it funnier). And I’m not really sure why I’m channeling late 80s Will Smith as the voice of Spock, but somehow it works (must have been my non-stop rotation of “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper” on Sony Walkman when I was 10).

So now folks, after a long-winded intro, here’s the ground-breaking (and newly re-mastered) track, entitled “Sworn NME.” From the summer of ’00. Eat your heart out Bret and Jemaine!

You can download the song here.

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  1. Tight! (“Your momma’s tight!”)

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