lotus position, pt. 2

This is not another entry about Flying Lotus.  This is about last Friday’s gig with the “GF3+2.”  GF3+2 is the slighly mathematical moniker that Gary Fukushima gives his band when his trio (in this case with me on drums and JP Maramba on bass) is augmented by the talents of 2 more members: Josh Welchez on trumpet and Matt Otto on tenor sax.

This Friday evening gig was for the opening night of the Lotus Festival, which takes place every year at Echo Park Lake, coinciding with the blossoming of the lotus flower.  I had never hung out at the lake–just driven by–and for some reason I imagined there would be a whole grip of blossoming lotus flowers floating along the water everywhere.  Well, I didn’t see a single lotus but I did see a big shiny dragon on a float, which, unlike parade floats, was literally floating in the water.  There were also tons of vendor booths lining the lake (which is way bigger when you’re actually walking around it), though not of them were occupied yet since it was only Friday.  I had a lot of time to hang out because load-in for sound check was at 2pm and we weren’t scheduled to play until 8pm!

The two acts before us, solo guitarist Goh Kurosawa, and the Juan Trujillo Group from Cal State Northridge, both gave wonderful performances.  I think our performance went really well, and the sound was unusually good for an outdoor jazz venue.  The weather was perfect and playing as the sun went down over the park was very picturesque.  The best part was that as soon as we finished, the started a fireworks show over the lake.

Thanks to LeRoy Downs for being a greaet emcee, thanks to my grandma and rest of the family for coming out to the show, and thanks to my lady for bringing her family and dog to see us play.  Here’s a live recording from the show, an original composition by Josh Welchez called “Square in the Circles”:

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  1. When I first saw GF3+2 on the event program, I was wondering what that was. It looked like some kind of bad chemistry equation where the gallium mixed with fluorine and had some kind of positive 2 proton gain. Then I remembered GF3 was you, Ray Charles, and Alf Pacino so I put it together that the “+2” must be Josh and Matt.

    Anyhow, we enjoyed it!!! Burger got all-TOO-excited that evening. And the pictures actually turned out nice!

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