the real batman

Last night / early this morning I went to see the opening of Batman: The Dark Knight along with my lady and her cousins.  When I saw Batman Begins, it really blew me away, so I was expecting a lot.  My review of The Dark Knight is thus: 1) it’s really loooong; 2) it’s not nearly as good as Batman Begins; 3) it’s really loooong.  The thing I loved about Batman Begins was it was a really great human story with rich character and plot development, which just happened to be in the vehicle of an exciting superhero movie.  I can’t really say the same about The Dark Knight, but the new film does seem to have a larger quantity of dazzling fight scenes, although that may be just because it’s so loooong.

Anyways, I just watched this amazing (and dare I say historic) speech that Al Gore gave yesterday, and it just dawned on me that Al Gore is like the real life Batman.  Here’s this dude that was almost (and in actuality) elected President, who decided to screw running for elected positions and step outside of that realm to do something more pertinent, like save the world.   That’s pretty tight.  Now he’s this free agent who runs around making brief public appearances, consulting scientists, and fighting thugs (the oil industry).  They really should give him a bat suit, I think he’d look good making speeches in it.  Check out the video, it’s worth it.

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  1. it tripped me out once when i was listening to this guy from the obama campaign speak, he said, “being president of the united states is ‘the most important’ job in the world.” i felt that was a strong statement and quite frankly, arrogant. who are we, americans, to say that “our leader” has the most important job. sure, the US is a leading country, but that doesn’t mean we are anymore important than other countries.

    the reason i bring that up is because i think it’s a good point you made about gore. for many liberal/”progressive” elected leaders, i think they lose sight of the platform they ran on once they’re elected. i think this holds true for many past US presidents. and the reason i envy jimmy carter SO SO MUCH, though he was considered to be one of US’s worst presidents, is because his main objective as president was to use his power to seek global social change. he didn’t help the economy and that’s why people hated him, but he used his power for the good. carter is one of the few presidents that continues to help with peace talks between countries with conflicts, mainly palestine and israel. he is on my list of heroes.

    i think gore and carter serve as very good role models for all of us. we don’t need to be the president of the united state to bring social change. and to be able to still fight the good fight after such a harsh loss in a campaign (gore) and criticism from the public (carter), they are the bigger persons for remaining in the struggle.

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