it’s heeeeere!

What a weekend this has been!  Yesterday I found an email in my inbox from the editors at CD Baby.  They said that they get 200-250 new album submissions a DAY (about 200,000 total) and that mine was one of the best they’ve ever heard, so they’ve decided to feature it in the “Editor’s Picks” section.  Holy shit!  What’s more, they wrote an incredible review (five stars!) of my CD (the first review so far, at that).  I couldn’t believe it, this was totally out of the blue–I never made any kind of solicitation for them to review my album.  Out of disbelief I went to their page, clicked on “editors picks,” and there it was at the top of the page!!!  Here’s the full review:

Crafting an album full of hip hop instrumentals is a challenge: without lyrics to crash in and dominate the sound, the producer is left with plenty of space to fill, a feat made even harder given that he’s flexing skills in a genre of music that often relies on repetition for it’s immediate appeal. Where many have failed, California producer Senz of Depth succeeds, packing a completely unexpected arsenal of instruments and sounds into a collection of songs that can be taken one by one, or just as easily swallowed whole in its smooth-flowing entirety. The key here is variety. Leaving out the loops and refrains, each song undulates and moves, while still finding ways to sink into grooves and not lose track of the underlying progression. Mixing live instruments with synths, it’s often hard to tell exactly where some of these sounds originate, and that’s precisely what makes it so much fun to listen to. These are tracks that thrive on intricacy, as Senz takes the basics of hip hop, shatters any presupposed definition of what he should be doing, and just runs with what feels right. It’ll keep you guessing, and it’s guaranteed to keep you coming back to make sure you caught it all. Give yourself some time, it’ll take a while.

-Brad, CD Baby editor

I really couldn’t have asked for a better review.  I’m like on cloud nine right now.  But as soon as the joy kicked in, I realized that I hadn’t really officially announced to everyone that my CD has been released, and I hadn’t made the necessary updates to my website.  So I rushed to update my website and decided that this post would my first announcement that the CD is officially released and ready for sale!

This really has made me realize what an amazing time we live in for independent artists.  The idea that, without any asking, begging, grovelling, or soliciation of any kind, my album could be promoted and reviewed by the editors of the biggest independent music seller in the world–well, that just blows my mind.

I’d like to give thanks and appreciation to Kelly Hibbert (Elysian Masters) for mastering the album, Brent Harada for the sick artwork, Crystal Chin for the design/layout (and putting up with my finnick requests), and the friends who’ve been so supportive of this project: Cathy, Justin, Jens, David M., David V., Sean, Renato, Trent, and others.

Alright then, buy away!

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  1. THAT’S AWESOME!!!!! i’m going to order my copy right now. congrats, miles! 🙂

  2. very cool, Miles. Congrats! If you don’t mind, I’m gonna post a link to your site and the cdbaby page on our family site.

  3. Congrats miles! I’m sold on the first two tracks alone! As soon as i’m done with this post i’m buying it!

  4. Congratulations! Yay Miles!!!!
    I’ve got to get out to watch and listen to you play with your other bands, but I’m not much of a night person. Let me know when you do early mornings!!!

  5. Congratulations on your CD! You kind of touch upon a point in your entry about it being a great time for independent artists, and it reminded me of the main point that The Long Tail by Chris Anderson brings up. The Long Tail would be a good book for you to read because it addresses the economics of your album and how sites like CDbaby help your music get out there despite the limited and constraining way music is distributed right now.

    From the book sleeve:
    “What happens when everything in the world becomes available to everyone? When the combined value of all the millions of items that may sell only a few copies equals or exceeds the value of the few items that sell millions each? When a bunch of kids with no profit motive can record a song or make a video and get the same electronic distribution for it as the most powerful corporation?

    I would also recommend The PIrates Dilemma by Matt Mason.
    “… explores how open source culture is changing the distribution and control of information and harnessing the old system of punk capitalism to new market conditions governing society. According to Mason, this movement’s creators operate according to piratical tactics and are changing the very nature of our economy. ”

    Anyways, good luck promoting your work!

  6. Hey Everyone, thanks so much for your support and feedback, I value it greatly. Thanks Alex for the recommendations, I’ll be sure to check those books out.

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