a bed of mic cables

Already several knowledgeable people have suggested to me that maybe my horrible sleeping habits (going to bed late, waking up late) are partly a result of what they call “bad sleep hygiene.”  Apparently this does not refer to your ability/inability to sleepwalk into the shower, which is what it sounds like to me.  Instead, it has to do with what your general habits are before going to bed, and how your bedroom is arranged.  And I’ve been told that the fact that my bedroom currently has to double as my music studio is not good sleep hygiene–it mixes my work space with my sleeping space.

Speaking of which, the other night I slept on the floor because there was no room.  I had set up my drums for recording (working on a very exciting new collaborative project which I will write about soon), and in order to do so, I have to flip my bed up against the wall.  I was working away and by the time 3am rolled around, my drums were still set up, fully mic’ed with cables running everywhere, and I had a Leviathan Brothers rehearsal the next morning in that very room using those drums.  When you’re faced with the task of spending an hour tearing everything down only to set it all up again the next morning, the floor looks like a very appealing place to lie down.  I guess I not only have a bedroom studio but also a studio bedroom.  Sigh.

Anyways, I was having fun watching this video featuring a blues/roots band from London called Kitty Daisy & Lewis (found via Blogarhythms).  In the video, Lewis (the one guy in the trio of siblings) shows off his collection of awesome vintage recording equipment (which the band uses), and I thought, here’s a guy who can appreciate my problem with music gear.  He even has an old 78 rpm record cutting machine which he actually uses himself!  Now that is hardcore.  In a time we’re debating the differences in sound quality between mp3 bitrates, it’s nice to hear a young lad discuss the differences in sound between 45s and 78s (78s have more “bollocks” he says!).  And their music isn’t just retro-fad, it’s authentic, alive, and very much rough around the edges.  Now that the radio is full of auto-tuned voices, it’s really cool to hear new music like that.  But the amazing thing about this band to me is not the depth of knowledge and appreciation these young musicians have for the roots of rhythm & blues, nor their multi-instrumental capabilities– it’s that they’re siblings and they play live with their mom (on upright bass) and dad (on guitar).  I mean, holy crap, how do they pull off that without wanting to kill each other??  Now that is a family that knows how to get along.

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