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I feel enourmously blessed to have already received one great review of Boundary Waters, but lo and behold, another one pops up–and in one of Los Angeles’ best indepent music newspapers, L.A. Record!  It’s on page 6 of this month’s issue, and you can pick up the paper at almost any local music store.  Unfortunately the record reviews are only in the print edition, not online–but it’s worth checking out their website, which is a wealth of knowledge on upcoming shows and the local music scene in general.  But for those of you who don’t cruise by Amoeba Records on a weekly basis, here’s is the review for you to read:

SF transplant Miles Senzaki has spent nearly ten years in Los Angeles carving out a niche as a first-call jazz drummer.  His debut album Boundary Waters, under the alias Senz of Depth, finds him striking, plucking and scratching every recorded note, seamlessly mixing organic instruments (drums, guitars, glockenspiel!) with a host of electrically powered gadgetry.  The result is nine tracks that swirl with a natural fluidity rather than slump as a handful of ideas united solely by key and tempo.  The trilled mellotrons of “Camera Obscura,” spidery guitars in “Downpour” and the bubbling swamp-funk of “Restless Mind Syndrome” coalesce into a unified ambience that embodies all of Senzaki’s influences from jheri-curled royalty to sour-pussed hard rockers.  All the building post-apocalyptic shadows climax with “Deckard’s Dream,” an acid rain dirge that pits the ethereal Vangelis against an unforgiving Tony Williams.  Senzaki has created an instrumental hip-hop record that never begs for assistance from any sharp-tongued MCs.  “Boundary Waters,” from its propulsive opening blast to its horn-laden closure, is a solid collection of accessible complexity that slows the listener’s heart rate to a peaceful swagger with great arrangements and impeccable musicianship.

Eros Sinclair

I’m really glad the influence of the jheri-curled royalty comes through in my music!  That is a very high compliment indeed.  Oh, and also big ups to brother Tad for featuring me in his blog, the best place to go for the intersection of art and activism (and unapologetic Lakers fandom).  Well, I’m off tomorrow to make a much overdue journey away from the city and into the wilderness.  I’ll be up in Mammoth camping until Sunday, so unless I manage to find the wi-fi enabled Sequoia trees, I may be a bit hard to reach.  But I guess that’s the whole point.  Good thing I don’t twitter or I’d really be having some withdrawal.

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  1. how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?!

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