it’s lunchtime…

When I first decided to quit my day job to pursue music full time, one of my friends who was really supportive and cheered me on was artist David Milton.  While he was living here in LA, I learned from him what a fixed gear bike was, how to change a bicycle tire, and the importance of getting up early to work on your craft (I have yet to really learn this one).  I think his work ethic has really paid off though, because since moving to NYC he’s managed to launch his own daily web comic, “Metal Lunchbox,” which he works on at every free moment (when he’s not slaving away for annoying customers at a store that rhymes with Tjader Hoe’s).

Last month, as David prepared for the launch of his new website, he asked me to compose some original music for the site.  The general tone he wanted was an 80s nostalgic feel with influences from New Wave, Electro-funk, and 2-Tone ska.  Of course, I was like “hell yeah!” and so began our collaboration.  Soon we began talking about fleshing out the short loops of music and creating an mini-comic/EP (a sort of mixed media release of a CD of my music with his comics).  I’m hard at work at this now, and I’m really excited at how it’s turning out.

So yeah, check out Metal Lunchbox.  Click on the little “music note” play buttons to hear my accompanying music.  To learn more about the world of Metal Lunchbox, check out his “ABOUT ML” and “CAST” page.  Day by day, panel by panel, David is building a story full of quirky, unique characters who will be facing very important and relevant issues (that are pretty much never represented in the media)–all told through his special brand of utterly unapologetic social satire and irreverent, offbeat humor.

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