OK, I know this is absolutely nothing new in a world of increasingly Orwellian politics and corporate-controlled/state-controlled media, but still it must be said: is one of the requirements for working in mainstream journalism to be, like, mildly retarded?  How can a person go on a VP debate and give nothing but illogically-strung-together, obviously canned answers that hardly ever relate to the question asked, and be praised with “standing her ground” by an AP headline?  I mean, it was like watching a poorly programmed animatronic character.  I kept waiting for a spring to pop out of her neck.

Anyways, enough venting and on to something more positive.  I present to you a much more shining example of female political prowess: my two shiny pennies.  Written by someone who thouroughly knows her politics, this is the place to go if you are progressive and want to learn more about some of the current ballot measures.

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  1. Ohhhww, say it ain’t so, Joe! I am frightened.

  2. McCain/Palin = ++ungood

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