it gave me wings

Last Friday around 6pm my friend Andrés called me up was like “What are you doing right now?  I’m in a recording session with Aloe Blacc and we need a drummer.”

I was like “I’ll be there at 7!”

The session was at this newly built studio that Red Bull built in the back of Red Bull Headquarters.  Apparently they built it just for fun, or so Andrés said.  For those of you wondering why the hell Red Bull would build a studio, it will make more sense if you familiarize yourself with the Red Bull Music Academy.  Their archive of lectures, by the way, are free to watch and super fresh–I’ve learned a lot from them, especially the Questlove and Hank Shocklee ones.

The studio itself is brand new, painted in Red Bull colors, and reminded me a bit like being on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.  I kept expecting Spock to walk out and be like “excellent take.”  Oh, and the fridges were all stocked with, you guessed it, endless amounts of Redbull (including a brand new Red Bull Cola which isn’t even out yet here).  My lady came along and she wanted me to bring home a bunch of extra cans for her midterm studying but I forgot… sorry.

Aloe, the other musicians, and the sound engineer were all really cool, and it was fun working on Andrés’ Jimi Hendrix-inspired psychadelic funk song.  I came in the next day to do some additional recording, and all-in-all it was good learning experience, having new songs thrown at you and having to lay down tracks as you figure out what to play and what will best suit the song.

The control room had a ginormous SSL mixing board plus all this dool-worthy outboard gear, and watching the sound engineer do his job, I imagined how fun it would be to work there.  But then I realized it probably wouldn’t be too healthy having unlimited access to that many energy drinks, having my days saturated in a taurine-induced haze.

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