we laughed, we cried…

2-wall…we played in a cavernous jazz auditorium, we played in a tightly packed bookstore; we performed while clad in classy suits, we flailed wildly on stage in muppet costumes; we banged away as a famous smooth-jazz drummer walked out of the audience in disgust, we played an outdoor art festival whilst in front of the stage a homeless woman revealed her breasts and danced; we impressed Echo Park hipsters and we made teenage metalheads throw up the evil hand; we had shows in wealthy institutional museums, we had gigs in transvestite dive bars; we did what we came to do, and now we’re done.  Well, sort of.

In these harsh economic times, one must do what one must do to survive.  And Sean Leviathan has found opportunity across the continent in a land we call the East Village.  And thus, the Leviathan Brothers have announced their premature retirement.  Or rather, “indefinite hiatus.”  As Sean so eloquently put it:

It was a year ago this week that Brett Favre announced his first retirement before going off to sling the pigskin for New Jersey several months later.  In his honor we have created one last jam using some LB samples with a little assistance from Mr. Favre’s retirement speech.  So consider this our first retirement and not necessarily last.

And so we present to you “What That Would Be Like”–conceived, recorded, mixed, and mastered at Grandma’s Dojo in one afternoon:


(right click here to download for free)

And you can always keep track of Sean’s adventures on his Leviathan Brothers blog (in case you weren’t aware he moonlights as a professional music journalist–check out his writings!).  Our CDs are still for sale too.  The last juicy bit of gossip is that we may play one final show sometime in April, so stay tuned.

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  1. So very sad about this!! But best wishes to Sean!!

  2. Sad news indeed. I’m honored to have been there at muppet night. it FELT* like you had the audience on a STRING. congrats on a great run fellas.

    *Felt like the material! HAHA!

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