photos from the road

van_NMAfter returning home from a 2-week grassroots tour of much of the Western Continental US with Mouse Kills Tiger and My Imaginary Friends, I expected some adjustment in getting back to the daily grind of things.  To my surprise and to the delight of the gods of irony, I realized that my life was actually more structured, and I got better sleep, while on tour than back at home.  But that’s only because lately my daily life is so utterly unstructured and my normal sleeping habits are so poor.  It takes a whole LOT of discipline to be a self-employed artist, so I am going to have to go back to writing a daily schedule, short & long term goals, and weekly review (which I never should have abandoned due to laziness in the first place).  Some of my friends may remember that several years ago I was an early champion of the Getting Things Done book and the “carrying around a stack of notecards” school.  What happened?

But back to the tour–it was definitley an amazing experience and well worth it.  Denver was an unexpected highlight for me, with great record-shopping, tasty food, and a really cool venue.  The Pacific Northwest was as lush and green as I had imagined it, and Seattle wins hands-down for the coolest looking and most vibrant city.  The most surreal scenery was probably the drive through the Utah salt flats accompanied by a thunderstorm.  Although I tweeted a handful of pictures, you’ll find a whole slideshow of photos taken on my trusty cell phone camera here.

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