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Sharon Jones, Gabriel Roth, and the rest of the Dap-King crew laying down a track.  “Sounds like a record.”  Hells yeah.

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national sheila appreciation day

What do these 3 videos have in common? The first is that they all made my spine tingle.  The second is: Sheila E!  –in my humble opinion, one of the baddest female performers ever.  I never thought that the Ellen show would make my spine tingle, but I guess I haven’t been catching up on her lately.

Unfortunately Sheila is off camera in this next video.  Why, who could possibly take the spotlight away from Sheila E?  Maybe only Prince, or perhaps… perhaps…

The 3 things I learned from the video below are: 1) Sheila is masterful at developing an exciting solo; 2) I’ve now seen the coolest looking chekeré player that ever existed  3) I will see the Clash of the Titans movie if and only if it features a character that looks exactly like this saxophone player.

Haven’t got enough yet?  Be sure to watch this solo performance and a beautiful interview on Tavis Smiley featuring her legendary dad!

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